Revisit Italy

Summer 2019… met my parents in Rome – after 20 years! Yes 20 years ago I studied Art in Italy … This eternal city , magical country will always have a slice of my 💜 .

Explored Trastevere neighborhood and more; markets, food, shoes!, art , views. Just a few of my favorite things.
It was good pizza!
The light bulbs.
A different viewpoint
Which one 🤔??
A Tiepolo Sky

Not A Morning Person

But maybe kuwait is changing that. !جميلا!
It’s 5:30 yes.
This spot is an extremely windy corner, it’s a good spot to meditate or annoy cats.

“ When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens …. And brings out the wind from His storehouses.” Jeremiah 10: 13
Making discoveries
Did I stumble upon the cutest spot in Kuwait? ?
A piece of Myanmar in Kuwait. I don’t shut up about Frangipane flowers. My students would collect and give them to me in the mornings.
To wear
And it’s across the street from my favorite beach.
Any clue what this is??? Meanwhile a delivery guy stops on his motorbike picks one. Then tells me – Don’t Pick. And rides off. Seriously? 😂
This should be my door.
ووو حب هذا! انا بدي لأ ساكون هن! هاده لازم بابي!

One last hurrah

My plan before leaving Myanmar was to fill my cup full. Little did I know it would end sooner then I thought. It’s hard to choose the best pictures when your heart is full and each one is precious.

DeeDote Fall . A waterfall 1 hr away from Mandalay. It’s really this color.

This naughty boy was driving his mama crazy. He threw the water bucket in the water…and was wiggling and dancing the entire time.

I finally got to ride a human powered Ferris wheel. Yes it is a thing!! The guys climb up to the top and use their body weight to make it spin. The first go round is really fast.

Street food vendors making some yummy snacks.

Went to this great Myanmar Cultural Fair. Ate 2 bowls of the best Shan noodles ever, got a cute Kayin jacket , watched dancers, drummers and fire artists then headed home grabbing some yummy baóse to snack on. Grabbed the last 2 chicken mmmm.

The amazing Myanmar fruit.

Zaygo market clock and shop till you drop. Picked up more fabric.

This tuktuk ride is bittersweet because we were on the way home from cell group and the driver was playing “10,000 reasons ” in English and singing along. Turns out he was a Christian . It was one of my last rides.

So its farewell to a messy beautiful place….

Sweet gracious people,

And new friends

For Now!


The riverside community center.

A place for a forgotten, disenfranchised people to find hope.

story time.

They love to color.

the community is living on the river. They have had to pack up often when they hear that the land is getting cleared. This happens several times a year. work / income is by washing clothes or unloading bags from the boats. Many teens leave school to work. They make 1.50$ a day. Not including lunch.

this little boy was very proud of his red overalls. He wanted to show them to us.

Beaches 2

A girl went back to ngapali because she missed the scenery, the native dances and the charming songs…. BUT wait a minute. Somethings wrong! It’s Ngapali

Scenes of a beautiful coast.

It’s an amazing place. Ngapali. Only regret is I didn’t go sooner. If you go laguna eco lodge is where to stay. I felt like an artist living in a past time.

The fancy western resorts are are here too- but Myanmar personality shines through everything. And overall it’s just a cute beach town.

For my birthday dinner a sidecar moterbike ride to a beach bbq place. And by beach bbq I mean it! It was so delicious and fresh . Best birthday dinner ever.

The water is so clear. The light is fantastic. I would go back in a heartbeat and keep painting. A few of my favorite little sketches.

It’s so hard to say goodbye

Beaches pt1

Myanmar has miles of coastline and hundreds of Islands. Mergui Archipelago , Ngapali, Tanintharyi Division to name a few. Not what most people picture about this country. Well that is going to change. Before the gig is up I want to beat the crowds.

Paradise Beach in Dawei Peninsula. Laid in a hammock . Heard waves crash all night.

First view from the plane- now that’s typical right?

Dawei city is more like a town. Beach town. If they looked and sounded like this.

There are countless beaches on this strip of land- I only made it to 3! My hard learned advice- leave the moterbike to the pros and take a taxi.

This is Maungmagan. Not the cleanest but you can get food and transportation right on the beach.

The peninsula is 100k long from top beach to the tip. Cute villages.

This is Tizit Beach –

And this is the trip to Tizit Beach.

The road actually got worse, then at the bottom had to reroute around the village on a muddy dirt road. Finally ended here. Salt flat that floods on the full moon. King Tide.Park the bike and wade through.

Picked up some amazing shells , then returned to main road for my destination . About 1 1/2 hrs later it was history.

I’m sure I’ll be back. A bicycle next time.